Profession Cooldowns

1. Look up your combine on wowhead, like ‘Balanced Trillium Ingot’.
2. Click the Professions tab in wowhead.
3. Click the recipe in that tab you want to combine.
4. Grab the number at the end of the url and type straight into chat: /run PickupSpell(numberfromwowhead)
5. A spell will appear on your cursor. Drop that spell on to your bars.

You can now hit that button to do the combine without opening your tradeskill book. It’s a shame the default UI can’t /cast (or /castsequence) spell:ID like we can do item:ID or that long tradeskill macro could be made a lot easier.

Warlords of Draenor cooldowns

(Note: Apparently there are different spells depending on skill level)

/run PickupSpell(156587) — Alchemical Catalyst (Alchemy)

/run PickupSpell(168042) — Alchemical Catalyst (Alchemy) <– I think this no longer works and should use top one.

/run PickupSpell(175880) — Secrets of Draenor Alchemy (Alchemy)

/run PickupSpell(171690) — Truesteel Ingot (Blacksmithing)

/run PickupSpell(176090) — Secrets of Draenor Blacksmithing (Blacksmithing)

/run PickupSpell(169092) — Temporal Crystal (Enchanting)

/run PickupSpell(177043) — Secrets of Draenor Enchanting (Enchanting)

/run PickupSpell(169080) — Gearspring Parts (Engineering)

/run PickupSpell(177054) — Secrets of Draenor Engineering (Engineering)

/run PickupSpell(169081) — War Paints (Inscription)

/run PickupSpell(177045) — Secrets of Draenor Inscription (Inscription)

/run PickupSpell(170700) — Taladite Crystal (Jewelcrafting)

/run PickupSpell(176087) — Secrets of Draenor Jewelcrafting (Jewelcrafting)

/run PickupSpell(171391) — Burnished Leather (Leatherworking)

/run PickupSpell(176089) — Secrets of Draenor Leatherworking (Leatherworking)

/run PickupSpell(168835) — Hexweave Cloth (Tailoring)

/run PickupSpell(176058) — Secrets of Draenor Tailoring (Tailoring)

Mists of Pandaria cooldowns

/run PickupSpell(114780) — Transmute: Living Steel (Alchemy)

/run PickupSpell(143255) — Balanced Trillium Ingot (Blacksmithing)

/run PickupSpell(138646) — Lightning Steel Ingot (Blacksmithing)

/run PickupSpell(139176) — Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source (Engineering)

/run PickupSpell(112996) — Scroll of Wisdom (Inscription)

/run PickupSpell(140050) — Serpent’s Heart (Jewelcrafting)

/run PickupSpell(142976) — Hardened Magnificent Hide (Leatherworking)

/run PickupSpell(140040) — Magnificence of Leather (Leatherworking)

/run PickupSpell(143011) — Celestial Cloth (Tailoring)

/run PickupSpell(125557) — Imperial Silk (Tailoring)



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