UI Improvements

Macros for moving PlayerFrame, TargetFrame, and FocusFrame

Just play around with the X,Y coordinates until you get what you like. Only has to be run once per toon if you want identical frame positions across all characters.

/run PlayerFrame:ClearAllPoints()
/run PlayerFrame:SetPoint(“CENTER”,UIParent,”CENTER”,-285,-260)
/run PlayerFrame:SetUserPlaced(true)

/run TargetFrame:ClearAllPoints()
/run TargetFrame:SetPoint(“CENTER”,UIParent,”CENTER”,285,-260)
/run TargetFrame:SetUserPlaced(true)

/run FocusFrame:ClearAllPoints()
/run FocusFrame:SetPoint(“CENTER”,UIParent,”CENTER”,480,-240)
/run FocusFrame:SetUserPlaced(true)

Macro to change the slider for the default raid frames so it can go smaller or larger. You can change the values then save it.

/run local n,w,h=”CompactUnitFrameProfilesGeneralOptionsFrame” h,w=_G[n..”HeightSlider”],_G[n..”WidthSlider”] h:SetMinMaxValues(1,150) w:SetMinMaxValues(1,150)


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