What my macros generally look like

I’ll just post it first then explain it next:

#showtooltip Hammer of the Righteous
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/use [bar:2]10
/use [bar:2]healthstone
/use [spec:2,bar:2]Guardian of Ancient Kings
/use Hammer of the Righteous

Of course I choose the question mark for the icon and select which icon to use by #showtooltip.  The /startattack is so when a mob dies I change over to a live one immediately.  The /cancelaura Hand of Protection is so the others paladins can BoP me and one button takes it off without some inconvenient right clicking on a buff.  I highly recommend all tanks macroing that into their most used abilities.  The rest using [bar:2] is interesting.  I have “full control mode” of all abilities when action bar 1 is showing and “lazy mode” when bar 2 is showing which uses most my off-gcd abilities on cooldown.  I find just flipping between action bar 1 or 2 is too convenient to pass up between say trash/boss or raid difficulties.


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