Transmog, custom pricing, and gold making

So you downloaded the transmog list off phat lewts website.  You got the TSM App downloading the AuctionDB and Wowuction data.  Now what?

Time to transmog with some custom pricing!

Make 2 custom prices:

“mini” is max(1c,120% crafting,115% vendorsell,50% min(((wowuctionRegionMarket*2)+wowuctionMarket)/3,wowuctionRegionMarket),100% Disenchant)

“market” is min(((wowuctionRegionMarket*2)+wowuctionMarket)/3,wowuctionRegionMarket)

Here’s the transmog auction operation pricing I use:

minimal is “mini” on some servers and “max(1c,115% vendorsell)” on others

maximum is “500% market”

normal is “120% market”

Here’s the transmog shopping operation pricing I use:

max auction price is “20% market”


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