Month: March 2014

Buffs and Potions to take into low level battlegrounds.

Things to cast on level 10-14 twinks are:

Scroll of Stamina IX from a level 80+ scales down.

Depending on primary stats one of these buffs:

Scroll of Agility IX from a level 80+ scales down.

Scroll of Intellect IX from a level 80+ scales down.

Scroll of Strength IX from a level 80+scales down.

During the battle some things you can use to help you out:

Horde or Alliance balloons:  For some reason they are click-able or tab target-able and take damage so there’s a chance your enemy could tab or click on them instead.

Horde or Alliance battle standards:  15% extra health for your party and it takes 1500 damage to kill it.

Swiftness Potions:  Under level 20 mounts don’t exist so speed increases are game-changers.

Holy Protection Potion:  Protection Paladins hit hard.  Disc priests’ Penance can hurt too.  Take the edge off.

A few various types of healing potions:  Healing Potion, Lesser Healing Potion, or Minor Healing Potion.