Month: March 2014

Setting up “Healers Have To Die”

I made screenshots of my settings for Healers Have To Die

To access the setup for Healers Have To Die the command is /HHTDG

Core Options Tab

Name Plate Hooker Tab

Name plates also need to be turned on for Healers Have To Die.  (It does work with Tidy Plates if you use that along with many other nameplate mods.)

My nameplate settings.


Gearing for low level battlegrounds.

Link to a spreadsheet on scaling at various levels:  Enchants & Gems

Heirlooms are all the rage.  There are resilience pvp weapons, trinkets, and shoulders.  Enchanting them is as easy as mailing them to a level 100 to have the best enchants/scopes put on them then mailed back.

Buffs and Potions to take into low level battlegrounds.

Things to cast on level 10-14 twinks are:

Scroll of Stamina IX from a level 80+ scales down.

Depending on primary stats one of these buffs:

Scroll of Agility IX from a level 80+ scales down.

Scroll of Intellect IX from a level 80+ scales down.

Scroll of Strength IX from a level 80+scales down.

During the battle some things you can use to help you out:

Horde or Alliance balloons:  For some reason they are click-able or tab target-able and take damage so there’s a chance your enemy could tab or click on them instead.

Horde or Alliance battle standards:  15% extra health for your party and it takes 1500 damage to kill it.

Swiftness Potions:  Under level 20 mounts don’t exist so speed increases are game-changers.

Holy Protection Potion:  Protection Paladins hit hard.  Disc priests’ Penance can hurt too.  Take the edge off.

A few various types of healing potions:  Healing Potion, Lesser Healing Potion, or Minor Healing Potion.