Month: April 2014

Bartender4 vs Dominos vs Default Blizzard Action Bars.

I generally prefer the default Blizzard Action Bars because when you get into a vehicle it shows the energy or whatnot that Blizzard wanted you to see.  Bartender4 and Dominos are very popular and I suspect most people probably use one of them so I’ll explain the underlying difference between the two and how it can impact raiding.

Here are the crib notes for the 3 varieties of action bars:

The Blizzard default action bars are extremely large and take up a lot of valuable real estate on your screen, but since they’re designed by Blizzard they won’t break during reloads in combat and never need updating.  They also show exactly what Blizzard wanted you to see.

Bartender4 creates its own frames and keybinds to them.  This creates issues if the addon breaks due to a major patch since all your keybinds set up for custom Bartender 4 frames.

Dominos re-uses as much as possible from the Blizzard code so when the addon breaks all your keybinds are still bound to the default action bars and saved server-side.  Between Bartender4 and Dominos this is the best-selling point in my book.  There are reports of Dominos being easier on the almighty cpu usage since all it’s doing is moving Blizzard’s action buttons versus making new frames.

Bottom line:  In case of disconnect and you have to come into a fight IN COMBAT then default Blizzard action bars are best, dominos is next best, and bartender makes you a worthless raider since you can’t create new protected frames in combat.  As far as functionality I found that dominos and bartender4 are almost identical enough not to worry about anything.


Synchronizing Settings to Server

I made a little macro to do a few things.  One is to set synchronization up to the server and the other is to turn on the taintLog for use in debugging addon taint.

/console synchronizeBindings 1
/console synchronizeConfig 1
/console synchronizeMacros 1
/console synchronizeSettings 1
/console taintLog 1

Keybindings for things you don’t want on your action bars.

Warcraft’s API has some powerful ways to set keybindings other than the keybindings UI.

Here is the basic way I use it to call macros but not have them on my action bars.

/run SetBinding(“key”,”MACRO macroname”)  — (key is all caps like CTRL-MOUSEWHEELUP or 4 or A while macroname must be exact name of the macro in your macro UI)

/run SaveBindings (number)  — (number is 1 for global or 2 for charcter-specific.  You must save after setting the binding.)

Here are the links to more information.  After researching this I might redo some of my keybindings/action bars/macros so I can have certain bars set up for full control of cooldowns/auto-proccing of cooldowns/pvp or specific use bars.

Sources for more information:

WoWpedia’s API entry for SetBinding

WoWpedia’s API entry for SaveBindings