Keybindings for things you don’t want on your action bars.

Warcraft’s API has some powerful ways to set keybindings other than the keybindings UI.

Here is the basic way I use it to call macros but not have them on my action bars.

/run SetBinding(“key”,”MACRO macroname”)  — (key is all caps like CTRL-MOUSEWHEELUP or 4 or A while macroname must be exact name of the macro in your macro UI)

/run SaveBindings (number)  — (number is 1 for global or 2 for charcter-specific.  You must save after setting the binding.)

Here are the links to more information.  After researching this I might redo some of my keybindings/action bars/macros so I can have certain bars set up for full control of cooldowns/auto-proccing of cooldowns/pvp or specific use bars.

Sources for more information:

WoWpedia’s API entry for SetBinding

WoWpedia’s API entry for SaveBindings


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