Communication for raids.

Communication for raids is vital. Here I’ll list and compare based on my experience the top voice communication programs I’ve run across in WoW. The list descends by my user experience. (Top being the best.)

Discord is probably the best voice chat app I’ve run across so far.  I consider it a hybrid between Skype and Ventrilo.  It has multiple clients (mac, pc, mobile, and browser-only).  Some of my guild has been using the browser and not even downloading the app.  The UI is slick compared to some of the old dinosaurs like TS3, Ventrilo, Mumble.  It’s free with no channel limitations so you can always stick the entire guild in there without having to kick someone.

Skype is good for arenas. Costs actual money above 10 players online. Not really a useful guild organizational communication program, but you run across it a lot on PvP servers. VoIP.

Curse Voice is new.  It allows grouping for games.  No cost, but unless it’s changed recently it doesn’t allow channels and doesn’t have a mac client.

TeamSpeak3 is the descendant of my first voice communication program in classic World of Warcraft. My next choice after raid call would be this one. Easy setup. Low latency. Server costs unfortunately. My favorite of the older non-VoIP crowd. Channel setup. I like to describe it as vent easy for setup without vent lag issues.

Mumble is super low latency. Channel setup. Requires a server so costs involved. It has a downside. A very serious downside. Setup is horrible. I had no problem, but expect some raiders to never get it figured out. I advise not adopting this one unless all your raiders are top notch and even then use raid call or teamspeak3.

Ventrilo is the standard. It’s also a dinosaur. You can google the tests (I conducted my own which agree) that ventrilo has between a .5 to 2.5 second delay. I’m chocking this up to the codec/server coding used, but regardless that delay is very seriously noticeable during split second communications. If you are currently using ventrilo I recommend you look at raid call or teamspeak3. Both are better than vent and are near instantaneous in comparison to this dinosaur.

Raid Call is a new entrant on the communication scene and has some limitations.  It uses flash which is the most exploited software over the past 20 years it’s been out.  Every week there’s new exploits revealed.  Even Google, Facebook, and Mozilla have come out against flash.  It also doesn’t have a mac client which for some games is a huge issue for communication.

TL;DR: Discord is the newest and best voice communication software for gaming I’ve seen for World of Warcraft and it’s free. Anyone using anything else should think about switching over to it.


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