+XP Guild Banners and How Not To Forget Them

Lots of things in the world of Azeroth are very useful, but a pain to remember to use/drop.  One of these things is the +XP Guild Banner.  My solution is to use them as a passive buff while leveling.  All three of the banners share a 2 minute cooldown, but individually they have a 10 minute cooldown.  So incorporating them in a macro can ensure you get passive +XP (5%,10%,15%) buffs while you quest/dungeon.  Here’s the macro format:

#showtooltip <spell>
/startattack [combat]
/use [combat,nogroup:raid]Battle Standard of Coordination
/use [combat,nogroup:raid]Standard of Unity
/use [combat,nogroup:raid]Banner of Cooperation
/use <spell>

Just replace <spell> with an ability you normally would use like Judgment, Plague Strike, Mangle, Blackout Kick, or Shield Slam to gain passive +XP buffs while you level.  Go see your guild vendor to acquire them.  I’m rocking for 6 minutes out of every 10 either a +5%, +10%, or +15% xp buff.  You should too.


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