Month: May 2015

Setting up BigWigs properly (So you don’t wipe the raid again).

From start to finish this shows you the basics of how to set up BigWigs initially for frame positioning along with customizing it for alerts you need to react to so you’re not “that guy” who didn’t react to something and wiped the raid.  The first thing most people need to know is BigWigs can display pull timers from users of DBM and can send pull timers to both BigWigs and DBM users by the command /pull followed by the numbers of seconds from 1-60.  For example, “/pull 10.”
This is my basic UI positioning without BigWigs.

Type “/bigwigs” to bring up the settings.

The settings page.  Uncheck “Raid Icons” unless you’re the raid leader so it doesn’t conflict with any raid leaders marking.  Click on “Toggle Anchors.”  Next click “Create Test Bar” about 10 or times then close the window so you can see how the boss mods would look during raiding.

Your screen should look like the next few pictures.  Any boss mods frames that are unlocked can be moved unless they’re locked.  If they are locked then use the left column to select the frame and unlock it then move it by dragging it.  Notice that I have my focus/target frames up during this to prevent overlap issues.  Healers especially need to make sure raid frames don’t cause issues with the boss mods frames.

Now that the frames are moved type /bigwigs and then “Toggle Anchors” to hide them again.  “Alt Power” is used for certain fights to display amounts the raid has of certain buffs/debuffs like Corruption on the Norushen encounter in Siege of Orgrimmar.

Next we’re going to optimize BigWigs now that the basic layout is done.  Click on “Bosses.”

On the left side select the raid and then use the dropdown in the upper right corner to select the boss.  In this case we’re going to set up “Pinned Down” for Beastlord Darmac in Blackrock Foundry.

Now scroll down to “Pinned Down” and click the red >> button to the right of it.  This screen is where we customize BigWigs.  Select “Emphasize” to make the notification appear in bold letters in the emphasized BigWigs frame.  On certain encounters this screen will allow /say announces,  icon pulses, and a few others options if you need it.  It also has a visual and verbal countdown from 5…4…3…2…1… so you can be assured to get the notification in the heat of combat.

 Notice the “Only when on me” option.  This will turn off notifications on other players.  You’re probably used to seeing “Player X, Player Y, Player Z has Bad Debuff,” but by selecting this you’ll only ever see it when you have it.  I suggest selecting “Only when on me” this when anyone without the buff/debuff doesn’t have to react to it, but someone else has to like Feldspar’s “Rupture” debuff in the Blast Furnace encounter of Blackrock Foundry.
Next click the “Sound” tab along the top.
Now let’s customize the sounds so there’s a strong audio warning that you can’t miss.  Use the dropdowns to select different sounds.  I recommend “BigWigs: [DBM] Beware (Algalon)” because it’s short and fairly loud.  In this case I’ll set all sounds to the Beware sound.
Here’s what it looks like after setting custom sounds.
Here’s what emphasized looks like in a raid finder for notifications.  Notice the bold lettering prominently displayed.
Several encounter mechanics I would recommend emphasizing, changing sounds, or selecting only when on me.  I used it for Pinned Down on Beastlord in Blackrock Foundry in this example, but other encounters like the Blast Furnace for Melt, Volatile Fire, and Rupture along with Blackhand’s Impale are good to set up as well.  Set it up with enough notification that you can’t miss something again that you need to react to.
Spanish translations by Laiwel of Drakkari-US.