Unemployed? Check before you buy!

I raid lead for 2 different groups in my guild.  Both raid only 6 hours a week with one at 5/7 Mythic and the other at 4/7 Mythic.  I am the sole recruiter for both raid groups so I talk to a vast amount of people weekly and hear horror stories every day from people looking for a guild.

Here are some suggestions if you’re unemployed and looking for a long-term guild as a home:

Check wowprogress.com for a history of the guild.  Update the guild.  This is a pain because it’s only easy to update the first 25 people, but update every single member in the guild.  There’s a reason for this!  On the mythic kills does it show 20 people after it’s updated?  If not the person in on the kill has either left the guild or they had to pug someone for the kill.  Pugging is generally not a good long-term sign.  Does it have high turnover (people constantly coming and going?)  Occasionally a person can leave with all 12 of their alts, but if every day several people are leaving that’s not a good sign!

Check out warcraftlogs.com for the guild.  Do they have public logs?  Unless they’re world first hiding strategies there’s no reason to hide logs unless “they’re hiding something on purpose like cancelled raids or forced into heroics instead of mythics.”  Public logs can show you some valuable things like do they start on time?  Do they end on time or is it “one last pull” for 1 1/2 hours sometimes after they’re supposed to stop.  Do they raid the days they advertise or do they have extra “farm” days that they don’t advertise, but you’re expected to show up to.  I’ve talked to many raiders who signed up for 2 or 3 day raid guilds who found out it was 2 or 3 days plus a farm night.

If all that checks out next check out their guild website.  If they don’t have one you probably need to pass them up because websites can distribute a lot of information and create discussions to make bosses easier.  Is their website updated regularly?  Most guilds will have a members’ only section, but is the public facing website updated at all?  Guild website activity generally correlates to raid performance.  Some people are better at aural instructions while others are better at visual instructions.  You’d be surprised how many wipes can be avoided with a rough MS Paint drawing like this one.

Next talk to them in voice chat.  Be wary of any guild who will invite you without a voice chat.  There should be a quality control aspect to their recruitment program so you know they are weeding out people who don’t fit in, cause trouble, low performers, and such.  Are they trying to sell you or just telling you about the guild?  I give everybody a brief history of the guild, typical raid night expectations, loot system information, and “sensitivity.”  People laugh at that last one, but in my guild we censor nothing while having respect for our fellow raiders.  I’m also “fueled by rage” which gets directed at people who perform poorly.  My guild sells itself and I don’t need to lie to potential applicants.  Be wary of those who are evasive during your questions!

Hopefully that helps you find a quality long-term home!


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