Useful macros for the Warlock Green Fire Quest

These are macros I found useful when doing the warlock green fire quest:

Heal macro (Assuming you’re using the health funnel glyph):

/cast Demonic Siphon
/cast Health Funnel

Shield macro (for chaos bolt):

#showtooltip Twilight Ward
/cast Sacrificial Pact
/cast Twilight Ward

Target player with Fel Flame Breath:

/cast [@player] Fel Flame Breath

Target imps with Fel Flame Breath:

/target Wild Imp
/cast Fel Flame Breath


/target Kanrethad
/cast Charge


/target Pit Lord
/cast Enslave Demon

Move Pet and Set Passive:


Re-activate Pet after the felhunters:

/target kanrethad

Things I found useful:

I sacrificed my imp for singe magic, though I hardly used it except for cleansing during felhunters.

I stood between pit lord and Kanrethad so I’d soak the fel flame and remove my magic debuffs.

Use Drums of Forgotten Kings (4% more stats) and the bloodlust drums.  Flask and food buff.

I never used it, but the purification potion can remove your curse and extend the fight past 7 minutes.

Extra charges (watch timer so it’ll be available for cataclysm casts) greatly increases your dps and makes the fight much, much faster.

I dismissed and re-enslaved the pit lord every doom lord phase to prevent it breaking at horrible times.

I would cast shatter right after the imps aggro’ed on me and the fel flame was cast on them to dump the threat from them.

I did this at gear level 483, so I’m guessing at higher gear levels this is rediculously easier.