Gold Making

Tanking is expensive. Here’s a few ways to pay for it.

Transmog, custom pricing, and gold making

So you downloaded the transmog list off phat lewts website.  You got the TSM App downloading the AuctionDB and Wowuction data.  Now what?

Time to transmog with some custom pricing!

Make 2 custom prices:

“mini” is max(1c,120% crafting,115% vendorsell,50% min(((wowuctionRegionMarket*2)+wowuctionMarket)/3,wowuctionRegionMarket),100% Disenchant)

“market” is min(((wowuctionRegionMarket*2)+wowuctionMarket)/3,wowuctionRegionMarket)

Here’s the transmog auction operation pricing I use:

minimal is “mini” on some servers and “max(1c,115% vendorsell)” on others

maximum is “500% market”

normal is “120% market”

Here’s the transmog shopping operation pricing I use:

max auction price is “20% market”


How to find great deals without crafting on the AH.

Phat Lewts has a transmog list you can import into TSM2 here:

Phat Lewts’ Gold Blog: Phat Lewts’ Transmog List

Alternatively you can also do the Great Deals page at The Undermine Journal.  Just select your server and faction, mouseover great deals, and select “great deals” to bring up the right page.  *Almost* anything with the dot on the far left is undervalued and prime for profitability.  Keep in mind the quantities when you are looking at buying something.  Someone might not know the value of an item, but it could be you have to buy 25 of them to make it worthwhile.  If I have to buy more than one to recover my investment I pass on the great deals.

The Undermine Journal


Tradeskillmaster is the best gold making addon for World of Warcraft.  It does so much more than your normal auctioning addon.  It has a lot of modules and I’ll provide links to all the ones I use.

Tradeskillmaster  <– Required for all modules







Guild_Sorter (Unofficial addOn, but one I use with TSM)






Some videos I watched from Phat Lewts when I first set up TSM2:

Learn TSM 2 Guide: Part 1 – Groups

Learn TSM 2 Guide: Part 2 – Auctioning

Learn TSM 2 Guide: Part 3 – Crafting

Learn TSM 2 Guide: Part 4 – Mailing

Learn TSM 2 Guide: Part 5 – Shopping

Learn TSM 2 Guide: Part 6 – Warehousing

Controversially there’s an out of game program that downloads the AH info from Blizzard’s servers.  I use it so I don’t have to scan the AH, but some anti-virus programs pick it up as a “potential” virus.  I still use it and the authors give the reason why it’s labeled as such on their website.

TSM Application

How to set up the TSM App by Phat Lewts:

Installing and Setting up the TSM App