Macros / Console Commands

Macros and console commands that I use, find interesting, or just here so I can always come back to get them.

+XP Guild Banners and How Not To Forget Them

Lots of things in the world of Azeroth are very useful, but a pain to remember to use/drop.  One of these things is the +XP Guild Banner.  My solution is to use them as a passive buff while leveling.  All three of the banners share a 2 minute cooldown, but individually they have a 10 minute cooldown.  So incorporating them in a macro can ensure you get passive +XP (5%,10%,15%) buffs while you quest/dungeon.  Here’s the macro format:

#showtooltip <spell>
/startattack [combat]
/use [combat,nogroup:raid]Battle Standard of Coordination
/use [combat,nogroup:raid]Standard of Unity
/use [combat,nogroup:raid]Banner of Cooperation
/use <spell>

Just replace <spell> with an ability you normally would use like Judgment, Plague Strike, Mangle, Blackout Kick, or Shield Slam to gain passive +XP buffs while you level.  Go see your guild vendor to acquire them.  I’m rocking for 6 minutes out of every 10 either a +5%, +10%, or +15% xp buff.  You should too.


Console command to increase zoom out distance

These 2 console commands when used will increase the zoom out distance.  I have people do both to set it so they don’t zoom out too far if the other value was set already.  Just open up a chat window input box like you would when you type /party or /guild or /say and put the first line in.  After you run it then put the second line in same method.

/run SetCVar(“cameraDistanceMax”,”50″)

/run SetCVar(“cameraDistanceMaxFactor”,”1″)

Alternatively I made an addOn that does this for you:

Def’s Camera Zoom

Useful macros for the Warlock Green Fire Quest

These are macros I found useful when doing the warlock green fire quest:

Heal macro (Assuming you’re using the health funnel glyph):

/cast Demonic Siphon
/cast Health Funnel

Shield macro (for chaos bolt):

#showtooltip Twilight Ward
/cast Sacrificial Pact
/cast Twilight Ward

Target player with Fel Flame Breath:

/cast [@player] Fel Flame Breath

Target imps with Fel Flame Breath:

/target Wild Imp
/cast Fel Flame Breath


/target Kanrethad
/cast Charge


/target Pit Lord
/cast Enslave Demon

Move Pet and Set Passive:


Re-activate Pet after the felhunters:

/target kanrethad

Things I found useful:

I sacrificed my imp for singe magic, though I hardly used it except for cleansing during felhunters.

I stood between pit lord and Kanrethad so I’d soak the fel flame and remove my magic debuffs.

Use Drums of Forgotten Kings (4% more stats) and the bloodlust drums.  Flask and food buff.

I never used it, but the purification potion can remove your curse and extend the fight past 7 minutes.

Extra charges (watch timer so it’ll be available for cataclysm casts) greatly increases your dps and makes the fight much, much faster.

I dismissed and re-enslaved the pit lord every doom lord phase to prevent it breaking at horrible times.

I would cast shatter right after the imps aggro’ed on me and the fel flame was cast on them to dump the threat from them.

I did this at gear level 483, so I’m guessing at higher gear levels this is rediculously easier.

Keybindings for things you don’t want on your action bars.

Warcraft’s API has some powerful ways to set keybindings other than the keybindings UI.

Here is the basic way I use it to call macros but not have them on my action bars.

/run SetBinding(“key”,”MACRO macroname”)  — (key is all caps like CTRL-MOUSEWHEELUP or 4 or A while macroname must be exact name of the macro in your macro UI)

/run SaveBindings (number)  — (number is 1 for global or 2 for charcter-specific.  You must save after setting the binding.)

Here are the links to more information.  After researching this I might redo some of my keybindings/action bars/macros so I can have certain bars set up for full control of cooldowns/auto-proccing of cooldowns/pvp or specific use bars.

Sources for more information:

WoWpedia’s API entry for SetBinding

WoWpedia’s API entry for SaveBindings

What my macros generally look like

I’ll just post it first then explain it next:

#showtooltip Hammer of the Righteous
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/use [bar:2]10
/use [bar:2]healthstone
/use [spec:2,bar:2]Guardian of Ancient Kings
/use Hammer of the Righteous

Of course I choose the question mark for the icon and select which icon to use by #showtooltip.  The /startattack is so when a mob dies I change over to a live one immediately.  The /cancelaura Hand of Protection is so the others paladins can BoP me and one button takes it off without some inconvenient right clicking on a buff.  I highly recommend all tanks macroing that into their most used abilities.  The rest using [bar:2] is interesting.  I have “full control mode” of all abilities when action bar 1 is showing and “lazy mode” when bar 2 is showing which uses most my off-gcd abilities on cooldown.  I find just flipping between action bar 1 or 2 is too convenient to pass up between say trash/boss or raid difficulties.

UI Improvements

Macros for moving PlayerFrame, TargetFrame, and FocusFrame

Just play around with the X,Y coordinates until you get what you like. Only has to be run once per toon if you want identical frame positions across all characters.

/run PlayerFrame:ClearAllPoints()
/run PlayerFrame:SetPoint(“CENTER”,UIParent,”CENTER”,-285,-260)
/run PlayerFrame:SetUserPlaced(true)

/run TargetFrame:ClearAllPoints()
/run TargetFrame:SetPoint(“CENTER”,UIParent,”CENTER”,285,-260)
/run TargetFrame:SetUserPlaced(true)

/run FocusFrame:ClearAllPoints()
/run FocusFrame:SetPoint(“CENTER”,UIParent,”CENTER”,480,-240)
/run FocusFrame:SetUserPlaced(true)

Macro to change the slider for the default raid frames so it can go smaller or larger. You can change the values then save it.

/run local n,w,h=”CompactUnitFrameProfilesGeneralOptionsFrame” h,w=_G[n..”HeightSlider”],_G[n..”WidthSlider”] h:SetMinMaxValues(1,150) w:SetMinMaxValues(1,150)

Profession Cooldowns

1. Look up your combine on wowhead, like ‘Balanced Trillium Ingot’.
2. Click the Professions tab in wowhead.
3. Click the recipe in that tab you want to combine.
4. Grab the number at the end of the url and type straight into chat: /run PickupSpell(numberfromwowhead)
5. A spell will appear on your cursor. Drop that spell on to your bars.

You can now hit that button to do the combine without opening your tradeskill book. It’s a shame the default UI can’t /cast (or /castsequence) spell:ID like we can do item:ID or that long tradeskill macro could be made a lot easier.

Warlords of Draenor cooldowns

(Note: Apparently there are different spells depending on skill level)

/run PickupSpell(156587) — Alchemical Catalyst (Alchemy)

/run PickupSpell(168042) — Alchemical Catalyst (Alchemy) <– I think this no longer works and should use top one.

/run PickupSpell(175880) — Secrets of Draenor Alchemy (Alchemy)

/run PickupSpell(171690) — Truesteel Ingot (Blacksmithing)

/run PickupSpell(176090) — Secrets of Draenor Blacksmithing (Blacksmithing)

/run PickupSpell(169092) — Temporal Crystal (Enchanting)

/run PickupSpell(177043) — Secrets of Draenor Enchanting (Enchanting)

/run PickupSpell(169080) — Gearspring Parts (Engineering)

/run PickupSpell(177054) — Secrets of Draenor Engineering (Engineering)

/run PickupSpell(169081) — War Paints (Inscription)

/run PickupSpell(177045) — Secrets of Draenor Inscription (Inscription)

/run PickupSpell(170700) — Taladite Crystal (Jewelcrafting)

/run PickupSpell(176087) — Secrets of Draenor Jewelcrafting (Jewelcrafting)

/run PickupSpell(171391) — Burnished Leather (Leatherworking)

/run PickupSpell(176089) — Secrets of Draenor Leatherworking (Leatherworking)

/run PickupSpell(168835) — Hexweave Cloth (Tailoring)

/run PickupSpell(176058) — Secrets of Draenor Tailoring (Tailoring)

Mists of Pandaria cooldowns

/run PickupSpell(114780) — Transmute: Living Steel (Alchemy)

/run PickupSpell(143255) — Balanced Trillium Ingot (Blacksmithing)

/run PickupSpell(138646) — Lightning Steel Ingot (Blacksmithing)

/run PickupSpell(139176) — Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source (Engineering)

/run PickupSpell(112996) — Scroll of Wisdom (Inscription)

/run PickupSpell(140050) — Serpent’s Heart (Jewelcrafting)

/run PickupSpell(142976) — Hardened Magnificent Hide (Leatherworking)

/run PickupSpell(140040) — Magnificence of Leather (Leatherworking)

/run PickupSpell(143011) — Celestial Cloth (Tailoring)

/run PickupSpell(125557) — Imperial Silk (Tailoring)