User Interface

Threat and tanking alerts provided by Blizzard

There are several ways to quickly find out who has threat using the default UI without having to pay attention to a threat meter or threat percentage number on the target frame.

Red shows tanking threat. Green shows not actively tanking.

Tanking threat is highlighted in red. Nameplates increase in size to show transitioning threat and nearing potential tank change.

The absence of the red highlight on this nameplate signifies no tanking threat.

A red highlight around a player frame only shows the player is actively tanking something. While tanking multiple enemies this will go red with 1 or 101 enemies being tanked.

Red highlights on the target frame show tanking threat. Yellow highlights show transitioning threat and a possible tank change. The absence of a red or yellow highlight display a lack of transitioning (yellow) or tanking (red) threat.

Raid frames allow the red tanking threat highlight. Here Koshiba is tanking while Prune is not.

The raid profiles setup in the Blizzard interface menu system and all the settings to achieve the raid frames becoming useful for tanking threat.


How to set up Bigwigs

I’ll attempt a basic guide to setting up BigWigs for people who download it and still haven’t seen the usefulness of “emphasize.”

My basic UI

Type /bigwigs to bring up the configuration

Click Toggle Anchors and look through the options on left side to position bars where needed.

Here I’ve set up my bars/radar/notifications and clicked several “create test bars”

This is when everything is “emphasized” for certain abilities. Very important cause we’ll turn on certain things for “emphasize” a bit later.

Now click “bosses” in the configuration.

Now we’re going to set up individual alerts to draw even more attention to certain aspects of fights like Cats fixating on Mythic Kargath or Arcane debuffs on Mythic Twins.

Clicking the red arrow next to the ability brings up options. “Only when on me” and “Emphasize” are really important. Who cares if a cat is fixating on someone else? “Only when on me” is good for this. “Emphasize” and “pulse” it when available to make it impossible to ignore/tunnel through.

Twin Ogron Arcane Volatility On YOU! “Emphasize” that sucker so you get out of raid faster!

Clicking vs Keybinding and why you should keybind

You should keybind.  The best way that I got out of the mouse clicking habit was leveling a new character using only keybinds.  You only get a few abilties to keybind at a time while leveling so it’s not near as daunting as a max level character with dozens of abilities.  All the “I can mouse click as good as you key bind” arguments and why they’re false are in the videos and articles below.

Additional videos:

Articles on keybinding:

Bartender4 vs Dominos vs Default Blizzard Action Bars.

I generally prefer the default Blizzard Action Bars because when you get into a vehicle it shows the energy or whatnot that Blizzard wanted you to see.  Bartender4 and Dominos are very popular and I suspect most people probably use one of them so I’ll explain the underlying difference between the two and how it can impact raiding.

Here are the crib notes for the 3 varieties of action bars:

The Blizzard default action bars are extremely large and take up a lot of valuable real estate on your screen, but since they’re designed by Blizzard they won’t break during reloads in combat and never need updating.  They also show exactly what Blizzard wanted you to see.

Bartender4 creates its own frames and keybinds to them.  This creates issues if the addon breaks due to a major patch since all your keybinds set up for custom Bartender 4 frames.

Dominos re-uses as much as possible from the Blizzard code so when the addon breaks all your keybinds are still bound to the default action bars and saved server-side.  Between Bartender4 and Dominos this is the best-selling point in my book.  There are reports of Dominos being easier on the almighty cpu usage since all it’s doing is moving Blizzard’s action buttons versus making new frames.

Bottom line:  In case of disconnect and you have to come into a fight IN COMBAT then default Blizzard action bars are best, dominos is next best, and bartender makes you a worthless raider since you can’t create new protected frames in combat.  As far as functionality I found that dominos and bartender4 are almost identical enough not to worry about anything.